Employee Spotlight: Brandon Stevenson, Sr. SBA Loan Servicer

Apr 17, 2019 | Employee Spotlight, Kansas City

Core Bank: Brandon Stevensen
By Brandon Stevenson, Sr. SBA Loan Servicer, Core Bank
I grew up in the Kansas City area in Overland Park for most of my life. I was always an energetic person with big ideas, and goals. I hadn’t developed the ability to plan very well, so I often found myself in funny situations without any idea how to begin explaining myself. The first dose of structure that made a big impact on me was participating in our high school ROTC program followed immediately by my enlistment into the U.S. Army.
The United States Army
The time I spent in the service was far more enlightening than I expected. On top of learning how to execute on complex objectives, I got the chance to meet and interact with people from every walk of life. I definitely understand how great leadership and a team that all works towards the same goal is all but unstoppable. The experience has definitely shaped my life, outlook, and approach to how I conduct myself and work with others no matter the goals.
The Mortgage Industry
After my time in the Army I entered the mortgage industry which allowed me to advance myself professionally. The styles of leadership and problem solving were not industry specific, however, the approach to problem solving left me with respect for management. Those skills help me to see the big picture when there doesn’t seem to be enough time, or information about projects.
My Hobbies
There have been quite a few hobbies and projects that I’ve picked up. Some stuck better than others. I still play the guitar, enjoy outdoor sports and physical fitness. I try and make it through at least one book a month. I have a special love for history, philosophy, or personal development literature.
Over the years, I’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow bonsai trees, blacksmithing, and making my own repairs to my house. There are never going to be enough videos online to make me any good at those.
My New Job at Core Bank
I wanted to be a part of a team with the right management, internal support and structure. These would allow me to use my talents and develop new ones in a way that was not only a successful and proven model, but a common sense approach to lending. The exposure that I already had to the SBA, as well as the excellent reputation that Core Bank has cultivated, led me to apply and eventually get a position on this team. I could not be more excited about this company and the care that is put into all of its transactions and relationships.
I have to say that since I have been brought on board I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness and courtesy that I’ve been shown. I’m literally getting out of bed in the morning excited to go to work and learn something new. I look forward to continuing my career, and personal development as a Core Bank employee. I have a great appreciation for the warm welcome I was given by the entire team.