Employee Spotlight: Melissa Glenn, SBA Relationship Manager.

Dec 4, 2019 | Employee Spotlight

Melissa GlennBy Melissa Glenn, SBA Relationship Manager at Core Bank
I love business. Specifically, I love small business and the people (family, friends and neighbors) who make it happen each and every day. I truly believe the strength of America is derived from the strength and power of our small business economy and our ability, as a community, to support those businesses and their needs. When I think about my role as an SBA Relationship Manager/Lender, I see the ability to act as a trusted advisor and partner for each one of my clients with the aim of helping them grow and, in turn, contribute back to the Omaha region. My role is bigger than a transaction and I love the positive ripple effect I can make for the people around me.
My career has largely swirled around the nucleus of finance and community. As an undergrad, I knew I wanted to study business. There wasn’t any question (other than a few political science classes!) that business was the science I wanted to unpack, understand and potentially unravel in order to make it better. I haven’t regretted that decision and I further delved into ‘business how-to’ when I earned my Executive MBA from the University of Nebraska – Omaha in 2016. To me, business is a living, breathing organism fueled by the grit and determination of smart, committed people. The very concept of small business is exciting to me because it showcases the ability of each one of us to build something which adds value, creates opportunity, reinforces the ability of our nation to prosper and creates a real, tangible opportunity for every hard-working person in this country to create and live the American Dream.
Small most definitely does not equate to ‘simple’. To me, small businesses are complicated, powerful and connected. I work in this space because I believe in people and the power of each individual to craft his or her life, future, community and legacy. Individual abilities should never be underestimated and it has been my experience that some of the best decisions, leaders and impacts in a community have come from the collective small business community.
Within my role, I am able to provide access to the resources a small business needs to thrive. Those resources come in the form of access to capital, a strong voice in the community regarding regulations and flexibility, marketing, trusted advisors and enthusiastic customers. I make it my mission with each and every client to make connections wherever possible to maximize the resources available in our region and help each business succeed. I get an adrenaline rush when a client reaches an ‘ah ha’ moment and when I’m able to find someone else in the community to connect them with.
We’re each part of a greater good, and I love having the ability to play a positive role in the Omaha business community. Core Bank is committed to the same vision and values as I am, which makes my determination and drive even stronger. I love working with and for a company which works hard, embraces fun and most importantly does the right thing for the right reasons. That’s the way business should be done and I’m here to help make it happen for friends and neighbors all across the Omaha region.