Employee Spotlight: Phillip Oler

Feb 13, 2019 | Employee Spotlight

Phillip Oler

By Phillip Oler, Mortgage Loan Originator, Core Bank

It isn’t every loan consultant who can seamlessly shift gears to help lead through the chaos, while developing new marketing strategies, increase volume during the off-season, and balancing client needs to ensure complete satisfaction across the board. 

But this is the primary aspect of my job and what differentiates me from the average. 

Growing up a son of a predominant CPA, I inherited from my father an uncommon complement of financial consulting expertise combined with strong business acumen, that allowed me to view my clients’ overall financial situation with a wide lens, then narrow down to connect the dots, identify financial drivers, understand complex scenarios, take action, and drive results that enrich my clients and ease financial burdens.

Having started my personal financial portfolio with a small string of residential rental properties, I developed an early interest in the real estate market and all facets of the industry. As a son of our small town’s most respected accountant, I grew up knowing I wanted to provide my community with the same financial security and integrity as my father had done so successfully, but with the need to interact more with people than paper.

So, when given the chance to join Genworth as a Long-term Life Insurance agent, the opportunity just seemed right from a consulting standpoint.  I figured this would be my way of giving back to the same community that entrusted my father with their most personal financials. 

A shift in the economy highly impacted the Long-term care insurance industry causing premiums to skyrocket at the same time a horrendous tornado tore through my town taking my home. I did not want these anomalous events to define who I was or who I was meant to be, so with more determination than ever, I gathered what I was able to salvage, and I ventured north to the “big city” of Kansas City to rebuild a new life with a positive future. 

This is where my path would cross back over from insurance to real estate. 

With newly found connections within the mortgage industry I landed a job with a local credit union in their internet sales division. I obtained my license and hit the floor running as an internet leading consultant. Within the first few months I had surpassed every goal I had set and was looking at a much-welcomed promotion, but regardless of my successes I could not shake the uncomfortable feeling of what felt like an in personable approach to doing business. 

The inability to build a closer connection and consult with my clients within the internet environment left me feeling unsatisfied. So, I took my knowledge and training and through trial and error began looking for a bank that had the same objectives and business model that focused more on their clients and community than making quotas. 

After 5 years of searching for the right bank with the same morals and ethics that my father instilled in me as a young man, I finally feel the pride in services I provide to the people that make up my new home community with Core Bank. 

I believe strongly that it is not only my duty to represent my clients to the best of my ability, but also educate them throughout every step of the process armed with top notch information, market insights, and set realistic expectations so that my clients make the best decisions possible. My honesty, strong ethics, and vast knowledge builds lifelong relationships with both clients and top agents. 

I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual and have educated myself in a range of modalities that includes every function of the home purchasing process.