Employee Spotlight: Shelby Slater, SBA Credit Analyst

May 15, 2019 | Employee Spotlight

By Shelby Slater, SBA Credit Analyst
Shelby SlaterHello, hello everyone! Greetings from Kansas City. My name is Shelby.

Finding Core Bank:

My journey to Core Bank has certainly been an interesting one. This journey began at The University of Kansas. Along my academic path, I was inspired by three noteworthy people; all leading me to where I am today.
I received my undergraduate degree in 2017 with a dual-major in Applied Behavioral Science and Psychology, a minor in business, with a focus in research. Inspired by my first mentor, Dr. Laurian Lytle, I pursed a financial degree after working as a lead teaching assistant in her financial courses.
While hosting study hours during the summer of 2017, I met mentor number two, Dr. Duane Myer, who carved out a path for me to enter the KU Master of Business Administration program. (Side note: Awesome experience. 10/10 would recommend).
During the program, I had the privilege of completing a practicum under the guidance of Mr. Will Katz. (Don’t call him mister. He doesn’t love that one. However, he’s one of the coolest individuals I have met in this lifetime.) Will Katz happens to be Core Bank’s go-to business valuation guru, which is how I was connected with Michele Walters at Core Bank, and the rest is history!

From Student to Working Professional:

I love Core Bank.
I believe I am among the few lucky ones who lands a first job they love. From the culture and approach, to employees, we are not your typical bank, which is perfect for me.
I work as a credit analyst within the Small Business Administration arena. Will Katz introduced me to the SBA world during his practicum. I instantaneously fell in love. SBA is the perfect intersection of finance and helping individuals – both of which I have great interest and a strong academic background. Needless to say, my future is looking bright, and my cup of coffee is certainly full.

The Personal Stuff:

I was born and raised in the Kansas City area. This is not a bad area if you love live music like I do. Currently, I have found myself listening to quite a bit of soul music, mixed with retro-cocktail hour on Kansas Public Radio (KPR). I also highly recommend Bob McWilliams show on KPR.
I love animals! I have the most lovable and goofy niece puppy named Alli, which I love more than life itself. Trust me, I have plenty of pictures and videos to verify her cuteness.
Nutrition inspires me, I enjoy making fresh juice blends. Herbalism is my side gig. I highly recommend everyone drink 32oz herbal infusions daily.
I raced motocross competitively for ten years, making it to Loretta Lynn’s National. I have participated in many other sports, starting with ice skating at a young age. I am a seasoned long-distance runner. My next ambition is to purchase a mountain bike. It may come as no surprise that I love to be outside in nature – minus bugs. Not a fan of those.
I was named after Commander Shelby on Star Trek, not the car. For what it’s worth, my dad says she’s cool.
Saving the best for last (minus Alli of course), I am a HUGE Bob’s Burgers fan! My favorite characters are Louise, Mr. Fischoeder, and Ambrose. I can actually discuss the motif of this show. I even own a Kuchi Kopi doll.
So, if you want to talk, whether it’s about Bob’s Burgers, Pitty’s, SBA, KU, dirt bikes, nutrition – or whatever, you know where to find me!