Painting a Better Future with the Core Bank Affordable Housing Loan Program

Dec 21, 2022 | Core Bank, Real Estate

Antonia Juarez Francisco, a hard-working mother who balances a job at Sherwin-Williams and her business MV Juarez Painting LLC, was applying to earn her U.S. Citizenship. After being in the United States for 10 years from Guatemala, she wanted to purchase her own home, but she was uncertain and had a negative outlook on the home mortgage process.

As a Core Bank business customer through her painting business of over two years, Antonia decided to move past her apprehension and contacted Core Bank. She reached out to Brandon Fowler, Mortgage Loan Originator after receiving his business card from another bank representative to learn more about homeownership. Antonia shared that the online mortgage application was easy, and that Brandon was accommodating, helping her with the mortgage steps and even going as far as picking up necessary documents at her work to make the process seamless. Brandon was eager to help Antonia her get into her first home through Core Bank’s new Affordable Housing Loan Program.

Part of the Affordable Housing Loan Program is creating an opportunity for sustainable homeownership through an online or in-person class offered by the Family Housing Advising Services. Antonia completed the in-person educational classes and said that the experience was very beneficial, and she would recommend it to anyone looking to get started with the homebuying process.

Antonia was joyful to learn that she was preapproved for the Affordable Housing Loan and could start looking for her house.

“It feels really good when you find out the amount you are approved for,” Antonia said., “The emotion of getting a house – there is a sense of pride and feeling like an adult once you have your own home.”

After looking at about five homes, Antonia purchased a ranch-style home near 60th and L Street, which is 10 minutes away from where her parents live. Antonia was able to purchase the house with 3% down and no mortgage insurance was required.

Now Antonia and her boyfriend are working on renovating the house before officially moving in. They have painted the exterior and are redoing the carpet, trim, and other carpentry work on their own. Antonia’s young daughter is excited to paint her bedroom bright pink. Their goal is to finish home renovations by the New Year.

Antonia is excited to have family and friends over for a celebration once they move into the updated house. She will not only be celebrating owning her first home but also now being a U.S. Citizen after passing her citizenship exam a week after her house closing was final.

To people who are hesitant to purchase a home, Antonia said, “If you have the money and can afford the payments, instead of paying rent to someone else, it makes sense to try. It will be yours. You can do whatever you want. Explore your options.”

Finding the right home loan and mortgage options can be complex, but with Core Bank, we make the process simple. Our Mortgage Lending team works with each client on an individual level, determining what is right for your needs and not someone else’s. Learn more and contact us today!