Poverty Awareness Month: Core Bank Supporting the Community

Jan 31, 2024 | Business, Community, Core Bank, Omaha

Did you know that the U.S. ranks second highest in poverty rates among its peer countries? January’s Poverty Awareness Month is about taking an opportunity to learn more about this social ill, raise awareness among others, and understand how everyone can help. People are more inclined to participate in efforts to end such issues, and while their efforts alone might not be enough for complete eradication, awareness is an important first step.

Core Bank is supporting this awareness by highlighting organizations supporting our community.

    • Diapers change lives for families in poverty. 1 in 3 families struggle to afford diapers for their children. Families have reported “drying” and reusing disposable diapers or changing diapers less often. Parents also have attempted potty training too soon to save on diapers. The Nebraska Diaper Bank has distributed 1,337,430 diapers in 2022. Learn more about Core Bank’s Diaper Drive.
    • Often people who don’t have access to menstrual products can’t show up to school or work. Access Period helps combat period poverty by thoughtfully distributing free menstrual products in Nebraska. Recently, a Core Bank group packed 100 1-month period kits including 25 pads or tampons, 10 liners, personal wipes and disposable bags. The supplies will be distributed to people across the state.
    • Kansas State Day is January 29th and we have a Core Bank location in the Overland Park Kansas City area. Kansas City has a higher poverty rate at 14.89% compared to 12.53% national rate. From food and toiletry pantries to healthy homes and weatherization and life skills training, the Community Action Agency of Greater Kansas City (CAAGKC) provides low-income residents comprehensive support services that help them become self-sufficient so that they don’t have to choose between employment and childcare and be constantly in survival mode.
  • Winter is tough but for many, finding shelter is not that easy. The Open Door Mission offers 917 safe shelter beds to people experiencing homelessness. Each day, they serve 4,747 meals to men, women and families experiencing hunger. Core Bank staff volunteer to serve meals and a group is serving lunch there on January 30th.

As we begin to understand more about poverty and what causes it, we are slowly opening our minds and changing our attitudes towards people affected by poverty. We’re slowly bringing about another social change. Learn how organizations, local governments, and even non-profits are trying to reduce poverty in your community. Lend a helping hand in any way you can — whether it is by donations or volunteer work.