Teach Children To Save Day

Apr 26, 2016 | Core Bank, Personal

Below you’ll find free and downloadable resources from the American Bankers Association to help teach savings habits early in life.
Elementary School Students:
Avengers: Saving the Day
How Banks Work (infographic)
Kids & Money: Teaching Children to Manage Their Finances
Kids Money Guide
The Piggy Bank Primer: Workbook  / Teacher’s Guide
Professor Finance & Fed Boy Meet the Catastrophe Clan
Sammy’s Save & Song Club (interactive online link)
Middle School Students:
Banking Basics
Common Cents: The Art of Negotiation
Common Cents: Beyond the Lemonade Stand
Common Cents: Developing Resilience in Kids
Common Cents: Moods & Money – How Emotions Affect Money Decisions
Hear Nebraska: Video  /  Discussion Questions
How Banks Work (infographic)
In Plain English: Making Sense of the Federal Reserve (video)
Symbols on American Money
High School & College Students:
Manage Your College Money
Take Control of Your Credit Score
Your Digital Dollars – Banking Online Safely
Your Digital Dollars – Safety & Privacy in Online & Mobile Transactions
Teacher Resources:
Bankers in the Classroom Resource Guide for Bankers
Lesson Plans by Age
Money As You Grow Teacher’s Guide to Financial Literacy Lesson Plans