The Team that Laughs Together, Stays Together.

Jan 23, 2019 | Kansas City

By Bridget Clark, SBA Credit Manager, Core Bank
Last month, the Core Bank Kansas City office celebrated the 2018 holiday season and the end of our first full year in business in Kansas City with food, drink, and gift exchange. For the first time ever, I was “volunteered” to be on the Fun Committee to help plan and execute this event. I was absolutely terrified! What if everyone hated the food? What are we going to do for activities? Will anyone show up???

I brainstormed ideas for what standard office parties should look like.

I envisioned fancy appetizer that no one could identify, classy plates and napkins that didn’t read Happy Birthday!!, wine tastings, soft holiday music playing in the background, and everyone enjoying quiet conversations with fellow co-workers.  I then thought about how my family enjoys holiday get-togethers, with everyone laughing, sweat pants are required attire, finger foods are actually eaten with your fingers, and gag gifts are passed out.  Core Bank is my second family.

I decided to put on a family holiday party for my second family.

Food was potluck, with everyone bringing in their own favorite finger food or drink.  Hot rum and holiday “punch” was brought in.  Everyone wore jeans and whatever holiday wear they wanted.  And we played a game of Grab Bag Gift Exchange.
The Team That Laughs Together, Stays Together
Grab Bag Gift Exchange wasn’t any ordinary gift exchange.  Everyone got to pick out a special gift, which was a funny t-shirt.  Everyone was allowed to either pick a gift bag or steal a t-shirt that had already been picked.  A t-shirt could be stolen up to three times.  The competitive spirit came out in our group, as people attempted to get “the” t-shirt, including the “Shhhh….. No One Cares” t-shirt, the “Nacho Problem” and “Bad Spellers Untie” t-shirts.
The best part of the party was the laughter. Everyone had a blast, no one took the gifts too seriously, the food was amazing, and we blasted 80’s pop music.  It was nice being able to hang out and celebrate the holiday season with my second family, Core Bank!