Unleashed Pet Rescue – Ellie and Francis

Jan 30, 2019 | Community, Personal

Unleashed Pet Rescue
By Samantha Stout, Universal Banker, Core Bank
Yes. That is a picture of a chihuahua in a hat with a cake celebrating his 1st birthday. Is it ridiculous? Sure, ridiculously cute! I know some people may think I’m crazy when it comes to my dogs, but come on… look at that face!
Seriously though, the reason why I’m a crazy dog mom and spoil my dogs is because they’ve had a ruff life before becoming apart of my family (pun intended).


Ellie, my black and white Rat Terrier, was my first pup that I rescued thanks to my friend that volunteers at Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas City. When I first met Ellie, she was pretty thin. She’d just had a litter of puppies and was very scared; but as soon as I got on the ground to greet her, she crawled into my arms and the rest was history.
When we brought her home, she immediately became a daddy’s girl. Yes, I was a little jealous that she always cuddled with my husband more than me, but she was happy. After a little while though, we could tell she was a little anxious and seemed a bit lonely, possibly because she missed her puppies. So we did what any loving parent would do and adopted another pup!

Cue in Francis.

Unleashed Pet Rescue
The day we brought our 4-month old chihuahua home, Ellie fell in love! He was a little skittish at first, but after an hour it was as if he was actually Ellie’s baby. She took him under her wing and showed him the ropes. Since bringing them both into our family their personalities have blossomed. Ellie is calm, patient and loves to cuddle where Francis is crazy, playful and enjoys his treats.
They both bring extreme joy to my family.
If you’ve never had a dog, you’re missing out. The unconditional love a dog brings to your life is priceless. Hearing paw steps coming to the door when you arrive home after a long work day, or having a cuddle buddy when watching a movie are just fractions of the goodness that dogs provide. If you’re thinking of adding a four legged baby to your life, then I suggest your find your closest animal shelter and find your sweet, fun-loving best friend!