Women in Banking: Spotlight on Amie Scurlocke, AVP, Loan Processing Manager

Mar 15, 2024 | Core Bank, Employee Spotlight

Core Bank is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month in March and feature women making an impact at Core Bank throughout the month. Meet Amie Scurlocke, AVP, Loan Processing Manager. Her career in finance started 17 years ago by chance, but she found joy in helping others understand finances. She made the switch from Banker/Loan officer to the back office of loan operations where Amie found her calling as someone to help someone guide bankers/loan officers through prepping and closing loans. Amie also has been a Core Code Ambassador at Core Bank.

Her favorite female role model is Betty White and she shared she wants to be her when she grows up. Amie shared that a big challenge that female leaders face today is being heard or taken seriously by peers. Being a confident, smart woman is an amazing power, but tends to make women look like a “know-it-all” or rude when it really should not be. Women need to support women as well as men supporting women.

Qualities of a successful leader include listening. Amie said “Listen to the needs of your employees and understand those needs, being a voice for your employees when needed. Also being empathetic when needed during stressful situations or personal situations. She felt that organizations can support and encourage women to take on leadership roles by understanding that women have more than just a work or home life. Women do it all and usually really well…sometimes women need to take time off. Make sure employers understand that everyone needs a break sometimes and emergencies happen (regardless of whether kids are involved or not).

Amie advises the next generation of female leaders to speak up and if you have a great idea or strategy that would help efficiencies to speak up about it loudly. Also, let people know when something is incorrect or if you see people doing something the wrong way. We cannot grow without making sure we are doing things correctly.

Amie juggles a busy lifestyle working full-time at Core Bank, being a wife and mother of a beautiful daughter who is active in competitive dance. Amie and her daughter both enjoy dance and Amie unofficially coaches her daughter and niece in dance/tumbling. Her family also includes two dogs – a Corgi and a Dachshund.