Women in Banking: Spotlight on Heather Seaman, Manager of Retail Banking

Mar 14, 2024 | Core Bank, Employee Spotlight

Core Bank is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month in March and feature women making an impact at Core Bank throughout the month. Meet Heather Seaman, Manager of Retail Banking.

Heather started her career in finance when her mom told her that she needed a backup for whatever career she chose. Her mom said, “Once a Teller, always a Teller” and if things got bad, Heather would always have an income.

Heather’s female role models are Captain Janeway of the Starship Voyager, Brenee Brown, and Candace Owens. She has had several mentors, all sharing the same attributes of strength, passion, creativity, kindness, and questioning nature.  And every single one of them was ready to discuss anything anytime at a moment’s notice and stood strong to their convictions.

Heather feels that the most important qualities of a successful leader are patience, curiosity, and kindness. She shared that now starting in the new 2000 era, it surprised her that we still do fight the same inequalities our Great-Great Grandmothers faced. There are still many roads to forge in a path of equality and being able to speak. Organizations can support and encourage women to take on leadership roles through continued training and growth in current positions. Showing support and understanding in a creative process to make sure that we are gathering efficient paths.

She said if you find yourself in leadership, there will be barriers and as you learn, everything changes in a snap. When confronted with roadblocks, whether gender-related or not, she said when she can show an efficient and positive path, most of the time that roadblock is crushed.

Heather’s advice to the next generation of female leaders is to stay strong…the fight is always worth fighting, just as our ancestors fought in their lives.