Homebuyer Checklist

Nov 13, 2020 | Core Bank, Personal, Real Estate

family and new home

Congratulations, your offer was accepted! This is definitely worth celebrating. But before you break out the champagne, here are 10 things to make sure are taken care of.

We’ve ordered these items by priority level: must do as soon as possible, what’s next, and the final steps.


Must do as soon as possible

Earnest Money – Make sure that you deliver the earnest money in the format and timeline agreed upon in your sales contract.

Property Inspection – Choose your inspector(s) and get them scheduled ASAP to determine if any repairs are needed.

Lender Docs – Let your lender know that you are under contract and make sure to get them all the requested documentation on time.


What’s next?

Title Commitment – Confirm who’s responsible for ordering title insurance – your agent or the selling agent.

Appraisal – The appraisal should be ordered as soon as you have performed your inspections and resolved any issues.

Insurance – Choose your homeowner’s insurance provider and provide the relevant information to the title company and your lender.


The Final Steps

Scheduling Closing – Contact your attorney / lender / agent and have them schedule the closing

Turn on the Utilities – Schedule all of your utilities to be transferred or turned on before the closing date

Final Walk-through – Before closing, do one final walk-through to make sure that everything is ready for closing

Close the Deal – Bring your photo ID and certified funds (if applicable) to closing. Be sure to be on time!


If you’ve made it this far, congratulations once again! We hope your new home is everything you wanted and more. Haven’t started the home buying process yet? We’re here to help! Our remarkable team of mortgage lenders would love to talk with you. https://corebank.com/real-estate/our-team/