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Business Plan Basics, Part I: Why You Need One

Few things inspire fear in the hearts of entrepreneurs the way the mere mention of “business plans” do. But developing a business plan doesn’t need to be intimidating. Simplify.  After all, developing a business plan isn’t a “choice.” It’s a valuable step in the process of starting a business and it is necessary (if not […]

Business Plan Basics, Part 2: Essential Elements

Last week, we presented a blog post on “why” a business plan is valuable — be it as a means of proving your company’s mettle to outside investors, or as a method of providing structure and organization to one’s business vision.   In this post, we will talk about what is needed in an effective business […]

Small Business Banking: It’s Our Expertise

Small business is the engine that makes the economy run. And access to capital fuels small business. We at Core Bank are committed to providing the financial tools to enable your business to achieve success. Whether you need a loan to expand your business, replace old equipment or just to get your venture off the […]