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Estate Planning – Do I Really Need It?

  Estate Planning ensures personal affects, money and property you have to pass on gets to your heirs quickly, cost effectively and with the least amount of emotional trauma. Core Bank Trust Invites You … To a complimentary one-on-one meeting to discuss and answer your questions regarding Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts. Tuesday, June 14 […]

Regular Financial Check-ups: Operating a Healthy Practice

  As a physician, you are responsible for monitoring not just the health of your patients but also the health of the clinic, practice, or organization in which you work. And, not unlike the value of consistent check-ups for your patients to monitor their medical conditions, your practice can experience positive well-being and improved performance […]

Be The Change: The Critical Importance of Adaptation

Imagine a bank that has the expertise because of their experience to deliver an elevated service tailored for healthcare

  “Change is optional. So is survival.” – W. Edwards Deming The business of medicine – reimbursement, regulatory obligations, technology, the whole kit and caboodle – is experiencing unprecedented change. To find an industry being disrupted, look no further than health care. Change isn’t easy – for anyone. Often physicians are naturally skeptical and resistant […]


Core Bank recently hosted a business breakfast and customer appreciation event, featuring Walter Scott, Jr. The event was attended by Core Bank’s commercial, healthcare and real estate customers and members of corporate partner of the bank, Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Nebraska. Laurie Baedke, Chief Brand Officer at Core Bank, moderated the Q+A with Mr. Scott, providing […]