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Simplifying Saving for College

Whether you’re returning to college or saving for a child’s education, know that embarking on a savings planright now is a cost-effective way to pay for college.   By investing, it’s estimated you’ll pay less than half what your counterparts relying on loans will pay for the same education.   That’s big savings. Consider this: U.S. Department of […]

Countdown to Tax Day: Tips to make prepping your taxes a little less taxing

Whether you prepare your own taxes or have a trusted professional do it for you, taxes are a certainty — with a fast-approaching deadline! Here are a few tips to make prepping your taxes a little less taxing.   First, simplify. Make the process less daunting.   Start with a folder. Place necessary documentation in said folder […]

Seven savvy tips to jump start a summer vacation fund

While it may be hard to get into a “vacation state of mind” during the dead of winter, there’s no better time than now to start saving for a summer trip. If your dream destination is a debt-free paradise, start with these helpful tips:  Establish a budget. Know how much you’ll need to do everything you […]

Resolve to Start, Grow Your Emergency Fund in the New Year

No finance-related New Year’s resolution would be complete without including an emergency fund.   Most experts agree that you should set aside enough money to cover at least three to six months-worth of living expenses, in the event that the “worst” happens (you lose your job, you’re saddled with unexpected medical expenses – you name […]