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Mistakes on your credit report? What to do about it.

Brace yourself: It’s estimated eight out of 10 of us have errors on our credit reports. A widely circulated U.S. Public Interest Research Group study found a whopping 30 percent of those mistakes involved student and auto loans, credit cards and mortgages that had been paid off years ago, but were still listed as “outstanding […]

Say Bah Humbug! to Going Broke: Holiday Budget Tips

Just because the National Retail Federation says the average shopper this season will spend around $750 on gifts – along with décor and other seasonal and party goodies – doesn’t mean you have to spend that much.   Below are a few ways to stay within your specific budget, and to zero in on what […]

Tips to Avoid Getting Scrooged by a Holiday Scam

The holidays are supposed to be joyful, so don’t get scammed by a Scrooge out to steal your hard-earned cash (or your very identity). Keep more money in your pocket to spend on your loved ones or to save for yourself by stashing away the following tips, and you’ll keep the “Happy” in “Happy Holidays.” […]

Your Wallet’s Gone Missing – Now What?

It can happen to any of us, and happens to many of us; according to government statistics, some 900,000 victims of identity theft in 2009 alone reported a lost or stolen wallet was to blame.   Be it a pickpocket at the shopping center, or a “misplaced” wallet during the chaos of prepping for the […]