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Six Steps to Building Good Credit

Building good credit….it’s a bit of a modern twist on the chicken and egg conundrum – it is harder to get credit until you have a history of repaying credit. While, at first, it seems like an impossible situation, take heart. Because building credit, at that good credit, is crucial to your obtaining credit. From a lender’s […]

Refinancing: It Makes Sense (Dollars and Cents!)

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about “refinancing,” what with all the chatter recently about historically low interest rates. While you may know there is no time like the present to refinance, you need to do your homework. Like the terms you agreed to when you first bought your home, refinancing is not a one-size-fits-all […]

Keeping Your Financial House in Order

Your home may be nice and tidy, but can you say the same for your financial “house”? Just as the space within the four walls that is your home becomes messy if not for regular upkeep, your financial space ends up in shambles if you don’t stay on top of what’s going in and what’s […]

Do you know what to put in your safe deposit box?

The safe deposit box isn’t just for Nana’s precious jewels or your rare coins. A banking staple, we offer safe deposit boxes in our Highway 50, Bel Air, Pacific, Q Street, West Center and Ashland locations. We all know we’re supposed to store vital documents, but how many of us actually do that?  Stuffing your critical papers in […]