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What to Think About When It’s Time

There comes a time in every physician’s career when they ask themselves “Do I need to make a change?” This change could mean many things including buying into ownership of your practice, starting your own private practice or selling your private practice. Typically, these choices require assistance from experts in fields other than medicine. There […]

Regular Financial Check-ups: Operating a Healthy Practice

  As a physician, you are responsible for monitoring not just the health of your patients but also the health of the clinic, practice, or organization in which you work. And, not unlike the value of consistent check-ups for your patients to monitor their medical conditions, your practice can experience positive well-being and improved performance […]

Be The Change: The Critical Importance of Adaptation

Imagine a bank that has the expertise because of their experience to deliver an elevated service tailored for healthcare

  “Change is optional. So is survival.” – W. Edwards Deming The business of medicine – reimbursement, regulatory obligations, technology, the whole kit and caboodle – is experiencing unprecedented change. To find an industry being disrupted, look no further than health care. Change isn’t easy – for anyone. Often physicians are naturally skeptical and resistant […]


Core Bank’s mobile banking app now features Passcode, a quick and simple way to access your bank account information from your mobile device. Just set up a secure 4-digit Passcode to view your account balances and transaction history. With the ability to skip over the typical log in process, often inconvenient on your mobile device, […]